Thursday, April 23, 2020

What I Wish I Knew Before my First Live Show

Now that we're at home and have so much time, why not prep for a show? That's what I've been doing a tad of!

So, you want to live show? Awesome, but how? Who are you going to bring? Where will you show? In what division will you enter? Hopefully, I can help clear up some of those questions :)

What are you Going to Bring? 

This question is one that many showers face (no matter your experience level, it's always a good idea to continue to improve in any aspect you can). Some of my favorite videos that have helped me immensely are:

Typically, I tend to narrow down I bring by:

  1. Going through the classlist and choosing who would work for each class 
  2. From there, I narrow it down by prioritizing those with the fewest flaws, best confirmation, so on and so forth. 
  3. Now I should have anywhere zero to, perhaps, four models. Zero models entered in a class is perfectly fine! It makes the day of the show less stressful and, thus, more enjoyable! I get more in-depth on this in a previous post
  4. Because I prefer not to pay "overflow" fees (typically $1 for each model exceeding the class limit, which is normally two per entrant per class), I'll do my best to narrow it down to two models for any given class. You can also see an example of that at a show in my first Sea to Bay 2020 recap

Placing your Model in the Ring: 

This, arguably, is one of the most important aspects of showing, since how your model is presented is how it's judged! Don't get too freaked out, though, showing is meant to be a lot less stressful, admittedly, than many showers do (myself included). The main things to keep in mind are: 
  • Show side 
  • Breed 
  • Condition 

What is a Show Side? 

At the minimum, it is the side that the horse is facing (all photos credit to  Some easier molds to tell the show side vs. the off side are these: 
Show side
Show side
Show side
Off side
Off side 
Off side 

What Breed Should I Assign? 

Now, if you would like to see more about how I assign breeds, you can find it here!

I hope this might clarify a few things, and I look forward to seeing any of y'all at shows after all this craziness :)

Disclaimer: I, myself, am not an expert by any means and am learning still. I consider myself to be (subjectively) new to the world of live showing, but I still believe I have some valuable knowledge to give. I hope this helped!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

As you all may be aware, in my previous post in this series I discussed last year's auction models. Today, I'm going to be weeding out who I predict it may be! So... without further ado, here's Surprise, Surprise, Surprise:

Right off the bat, I think I can rule out any stocky molds, which eliminates Bobby Jo, Silver, the Mustang Mare, and Dundee. Yes, there are other stocky-ish molds out there, like the Fighting Stallion, but since he's not outright stocky, I'll keep him in the running for now.

Additionally, we can say bye-bye to previous surprise molds, which eliminates Smarty Jones and the Andalusian Stallion.

Now we're left with thirty molds (I counted the family sets as one, simply because it's unlikely that there would be a foal mold as the surprise, as well as I doubt there would be a family set for the Sláinte Surprise. Hmm... "Sláinte" means "cheers", so maybe that'll have something to do with it? I find it doubtful, but perhaps?

Next off, we can get rid of the current BreyerFest runs that have been announced (as of April thrid, 2020): Rhian, Cadell and the Show Jumping Warmblood.

Just based off what I think wouldn't make sense, I think we can also eliminate these guys: the Marwari, Five-Gaiter, Ruffian, "Foalzilla", Semi-Rearing Stallion, Fighting Stallion, Misty (and the foals), Proud Arabian Mare (and her foal), certainly Alborozo (since Breyer made 9,000, and then broke the mold), and Carrick. That's knocked off another ten from our list!

Left with sixteen molds, I think we still have a ways to go with predictions. Seeing as I think it'll be something European, I think it would be safe to say that Emerson (who's a Thoroughbred, which is an American breed), the Shagya Arabian, Ruffian, Duende (although perhaps he could pass as a warmblood or sport-type horse, but I don't think that's the most feasible option), Lonesome Glory, Bristol, the Andalusian Mare, and Valegro.

Nine molds left. Let's see! I tried to do some sleuth work and see if maybe there was a pattern with the gender of the surprise horses, to no avail. I did, however, notice that all the surprise models after 2013 have all been male. Maybe that's something? Who knows. Now we're down to the Clydesdale Stallion, Giselle, the Cantering Welsh Pony (with Newsworthy's tail- maybe Newsworthy is a possibility?), Goffert, Legionario III, Totilas, Croi Damsha, the and the Cleveland Bay.

Based off the fact that they seem to have a draft/sport horse theme, I figure it'll either be a draft horse, a sport horse, or a pony. Why pony? I say that because they might want some variation in the mix. I think they'd want to "cover all their bases". If I were to have to continue narrowing down this list (since I'm fairly indecisive and, therefore, don't want to), I'd probably pull the Clydesdale Stallion, Giselle, the Cantering Welsh Pony, Legionario III, and the Cleveland Bay.

That leaves us with Goffert, Totilas, and Croi Damsha.

So... in the order of who I think will be the Sláinte surprise, we have:
1. Croi Damsha

2. Goffert

3. Totilas

Now, let me just tell y'all that if it's Croi, my wallet's going to take a hit. If it's Totilas, it'll still probably be a teeny ding in my model savings, and if it's Goffert, I don't think I'll absolutely love all of them, so I'll be okay. With that being said, I have never owned a single surprise horse to date. Well, I guess we'll see, won't we? According to a friend, Teagan, who messaged me on Instagram with her guess, she agrees that the most likely contender, in our opinions, is Croi Damsha.

Also, little did I know, when I wrote a big chunk of this that. as of yesterday, April 13th, BreyerFest is moving online. Well, we'll certainly be curious as to how that would work out; Breyer, I have faith in you, though!

What about y'all? What do you think?

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Surprise, Surprise!

With BreyerFest being just months away, I figured I'd begin my BreyerFest series! Let's start it off with some commentary, regarding the surprise model! So, if Breyer follows the pattern of using a mold from the previous year's auctions, which they seemed to have strayed from last year, then perhaps my guess might be correct? Only time (and the BreyerFest blog, after-the-fact) will tell!

Let's meet the 2019 Live Auction models, shall we? 

First up, we have the Chalky Emerson!

Then, the matte Bobby Jo

Next up, the DHS Test Model! Oh, such eye candy!!

And now moving on to one of my personal favorites, the Glossy Dapple Bay Marwari! Drool...

 Next in line, we see the Open Show Champion Prize, the Frame Overo Shagya!

Moving on to the pearly Clydesdale Mare and Foal Set; they're nice, but not quite my cup of tea.

The Glossy Pearly Dun Champagne Silver is a combination I didn't think was possible! I didn't know a model could be both glossy and pearly!

Now, for the Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Five-Gaiter.

Let's take a look at this Dappled Sooty Palomino Ruffian eye candy!

Yet another non-OOAK, North Star!

Wouldn't it be nice to own this lovely Chalky Giselle and Gilen pair? I know I would love to, but not for the hefty price tag of $4,500.

Just look at this blue-eyed beauty on the Mustang Mare mold!

And now it's time for our first crossover, a Cantering Welsh Pony with Newsworthy's tail!

Is this a Springtime Filly test? IDYB Says "Springtime Filly", so maybe...

This blue Pearly Semi-Leopard Goffert is just off-the-wall stunning! I absolutely adore his silver mapping! I forget who owns him, but I've seen him on Instagram once or twice.

Apparently, this guy is glossy, however, in my opinion, he looks more semi-glossed. Either way, he's a beaut!

Moving on to the Chalky Indian Pony! I'll admit, this commentary is getting a tad boring, so bear with me!

Now on to this lovely Legionario III designed by Sommer Prosser herself!

I think this Pearly Golden Cremello Totilas guy might just be my dream Breyer, and I've seen him also floating around Instagram. Some lucky duck his owner is!

Also not quite my cup of tea are these three, but I can see the appeal!

I believe I've seen him in the 'Gram before, too!

I had the pleasure of seeing this total stunner, a Glossy Rainbow Croi Damsha with golden mapping, in-person at Sea to Bay last month! And, might I just say, "drool-fest".

Back to Breyer's signature rose dapples, this cute Chalky Bristol is quite the showstopper!

I think we're almost done! On to Honor and Valour, two incredible ponies.

The second crossover has entered the scene; a wonderfully glossy Show Jumping Warmblood with Croi Damsha's tail!

And now we have a marvelously painted Dundee! doesn't he look a heck of a lot like Karen Zorn's 2019 Best Customs Contest Finishwork entry?

Here's the PAM and PAF set! They're not quite my cup of tea, but I see their appeal!

Might this Fighting Stallion look familiar? That's because he's the runner-up to the Who Wore it Best contest!

Last but certainly not least, we see the infamous Alborozo!

Moving on to the Silent Auction, let's take a look! 

Ziggy Stardust by the lovely Laura J. Rock-Smith!

Here, we have the stunning El Dragon.

And the full set of Hero's Surprise horses:

Anddddddd the test Appaloosa:

Some more glossy goodness here!

Can we just take a second to appreciate how stunning a glossy Out of the Blue looks?

I also got to see this cutie last month!

The drool-worthy Leap of Faith and Top Hat and Tails

And to close out this loonnggg post, we have the stunning custom-etched Carrick!

Tune in next week for my guesses! Until then, I hope y'all have a lovely quarantine and I look forward to hearing from you! Who do y'all think it's going to be? Let me know, and I'll be sure to include you in that post (retroactively too)!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Sea to Bay 2020: a Flurry of Failures (and Triumphs)

Let's start from the beginning, where, three days before the show, I began packing. I had everything planned out, in regards of who I was planning on bringing and such. All I needed was to pack. So, of course, as soon as I could, I began. I swear after I was done, my room looked like a bomb had gone off... Anyway, halfway there, I realized that I had forgotten not only half my mini showstring, but also my stable stalls. Whoops. In all actuality, I think that this setback might have been a good thing after all. I think with cutting my showstring is, approximately, half, I had more time to just breathe. I even got some a gazillion pictures!

Come Saturday morning, my mom/Confused Bystander That Still Comes to Shows out of Obligation and I left the EconoLodge (thankfully... it was quite the experience) and headed over to the Pokomoke City FD. The parking lot (or "car park" for all you strange Brits) in front of the entrance was nearly full.

Well, the show started promptly on time, and, luckily, I didn't have to enter anything until class 7, "Other Light". Of course, my plan was to begin my day with class 2, "Part Arabian", but I left half my showstring at home. "Why?" you may ask? Well, I began packing 72 hours prior to departure, which made it very difficult to actually pack my showstring in its entirety. Anyway, I was baffled to come back to the "ring" and see that not only had he NAN'd, but he took first! My first placing of the day, not too shabby! So, I moved him over to the callbacks ring to be judged against the rest of the winners, which took roughly ten minutes to judge. Even more surprisingly, I came back to see that he had taken Grand Champion of the Light Breeds division! Gleefully, I returned to my table, waiting for Overall Callbacks to be called. (Spoiler alert, to my absolute shock, he took Overall Reserve???)
AN Tranquilizer Gun, one of my first models that I've owned! Love this kiddo.

My next class, class 6, "Paso Fino", had a whopping three entries; I had anticipated it was going to be a table-filler! I was even more surprised with taking a first here, despite its small size. Who would've thought this mare could pull that off? Off to the callbacks table she went! (Another equally as shocking spoiler alert: she took reserve. I mean... how?? Um, okay!)
AN Racing Stripes- I guess I didn't get a picture of her at the callbacks table? 

After that, I had class 12, "Other Pure/Mix Stock", where I came out empty-handed. I learned something valuable: maybe Colorado Ranger isn't a catch-all for any standing/trotting/cantering/galloping Appaloosa-patterned horse.
AN Monster In the Shadows

Moving on to class 15, "Other WB/SH", where my Rialto, AN All That Jazz, came out with a fourth. Not too bad for a big class! Albeit, if I'm being honest, I had higher hopes than that, but I can't be too disappointed; live showing is all about having fun and learning in the process!
AN All That Jazz, taken before the class was pinned

Three classes later, class 18, "American Draft", I entered my BHR Bryant's Jake, AN Toto. Unfortunately, since that class was giant, he didn't come out with anything, but oh well!
AN Toto 

I had the chance to take a breather for two classes, then it was go time again; this time on to class 20, "Light/Riding Pony". There, my Brookside Pink Magnum, AN Beats Per Minute, made an appearance. Yet again, nothing, but I'm not here to complain, and, anyway, I wouldn't anyway. I'd say the show had been a rousing success thus far regardless, especially because I was having fun. It wasn't stressful, which made the showing experience that much more enjoyable!
AN Beats Per Minute 

Immediately after was class 21, "American Pony". Two of my guys made cameos there, AN Sweet 'N Salty and AN Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Sweetie came out with a sixth, despite his condition, which I'd describe as "High PSQ", due to a very prominent rub on his show-side shoulder. And, Brownie came out with a third! Hooray!
AN Sweet 'N Salty
AN Chocolate Fudge Brownie 

Finally, AN Scooter had his time to shine, in class 23, "Other Pure Breed"! For any of y'all who're unfamiliar with Scooter, a 2011 JAH 2011 SR on the Othello mold, Pamplemousse, he's my account mascot, and makes frequent cameos on my Instagram, @AllOrNadaStudios. In this class, his partner in crime was the RR Gypsy Vanner, AN Italix. Now, before you read on, I'd like you to take a guess as to which model placed higher as a Gypsy Vanner: AN Italix or Scooter. Do you have your answer in mind?

Well, to my absolute shock, not only did AN Italix take first, but he went on to take Reserve Champion of the "Other" Division, while Scooter left empty-handed. How interesting! As it turns out, the Othello mold doesn't have enough feathering to properly pass as a Gypsy Vanner, according to the OF Breyer 1:9/1:12 judge. However, as we'll find out in my AR/CM Recap, that opinion is not universal among judges.
AN Italix (whose name the judge had a tough time pronouncing LOL) 
AN Scooter 

Then, I had a nice 7-class break, ending with class 30, "Spanish Foals". Here, my two newest foals, the Best of British foal set both came out without ribbons, but that's fine!
I forget this one's name, but it isn't what the card says! 
Same with this one... Whoops! 

Are you still with me? We're almost done with this recap! The next class, class 32, "Modern Deco (1984-present)" sported two of my models, Cypress, AKA AN Cinematic Chaos, and Lancelot, AKA AN Cyborg. Unfortunately, AN Cinematic Chaos also left empty handed. However, I did get my first yellow card! AN Cyborg took a second in that class, which was decently large! Squee!
AN Cinematic Chaos (I know she doesn't stand that way, and her documentation could have been laid more neatlty- Oopsie!)
AN Cyborg
Boy, oh boy! Did you stick through that? Jeez, thank you! I'm surprised that I'm that entertaining! Anyway, I won't keep y'all for any longer. 'Till next time!
QOTP: Do you live show? What's your favorite live showing memory?